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Expenses on signing title deed for real estate
Whether you are buying property for investment purposes or for living you should be aware of the expenses that arise in finalizing the deal in front of a notary. Three types of fees are payable:
Notary free- It is calculated on the basis of The Tariff on the notary fees and it is the higher sum of the selling price and the tax evaluation. VAT is additionally calculated.
Registration fee- It amounts to 0.1 % of the material interest and shall be paid to the Property Register to the Registry Agency.
Tax on acquisition- It is local municipal tax and varies between 0.1 and 3%. As a basis is taken the higher amount between the selling price and the tax evaluation. It is obligation of the property owner to obtain a certificate of tax evaluation issued by the municipality in which the property is located.
It is important to know that these three sums are paid in front of the notary office. It is notary liability to make payment of notary fees and registration of the title deed at the Registry Agency.