Economic Analyses

Economic Analyses

VIP Consult analysе and prepare studies on the macroeconomic situation of the country economy, its specific sectors and selected economic issues.

• Analysis of the the current business environment and country's economic development prospects
• forecasts for Bulgaria's economic development trends
• assessment of the anticipated effects on macroeconomic level of any changes in the legislative and regulatory framework and economic policy.
• Sector Analysis

Sector Analysis show the trends and the developments in various sectors of the economy, t a useful tool for making entrepreneurial decisions. They are widely used by companies that want to invest in the sector, to check the industry’s current status and the existing competition, to develop business development strategies, to be aware of the existing and forthcoming risks, to identify opportunities.

An Industry Report includes:

1. Executive Summary Objectives
2. PEST Analysis- Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors
3. General characteristics of the sector.
4. The Demand Factors influencing demand, Custumer profile.
5. The Supply - Structure of the market, Important enterprises producing, import and wholesale supply of the products, Comperitors’ profiles, Total revenue development of the most significant enterprises , Comparative financial data of the enterprises.
6. The Market - domestic production , Analysis of external trade data / Import - Export /, Market shares of the leaders on the market, Distribution networks Opportunities and threats for the sector.
7. European Market Trends
8. Future Development